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We aim to understand and exploit human capabilities in our customers’ applied contexts, and design elegant human centric solutions to interpret, support and influence human behaviour. We also seek to develop new technologies inspired by our research in the human sciences


Humans are highly effective at processing vast quantities of information, particularly related to the local environment. The output of this processing rarely reaches perceptual (conscious) processing centres, yet has a large impact on behaviour. Affective State enables our customers to understand how both conscious and pre- conscious processing of information influences individuals, their interactions with the local environment and their ability to perform routine tasks and make decisions.

Our decision environments comprise both virtual and real domains - at Affective State we understand the factors that influence behaviour in these environments and are able to exploit the unique sensory and processing abilities of humans to optimise the speed and quality of decisions.

Recent projects

  • RITA - Responsive InTeractive Advocate

    RITA is designed to revolutionise how long term care is provided. Designed as a service proposition, and based on the understanding of the individual’s personal, social, emotional and intellectual needs, RITA supports independent living through the creation of a digital champion. A humanised avatar provides a friendly interface between the individual, family, friends, professions and services.

    TTDS - Team Tactile Display System

    The TTDS is a system designed to augment situational awareness in co-located, yet distributed teams. Often team members need to ensure that the focus of attention is on their immediate surroundings. TTDS provides tactile stimuli to multiple users, ensuring that all members recieve information simultaneously, tailored to their individual positions. The TTDS concept demonstator enables the importance of incoming alerts to be conveyed together with detailed spatial information.

    Co-Designing Care

    Affective State has recently completed an innovation project for the DfE, designed to assess how technology can support young people in care to stay safe; recognise and manage their emotions and behaviour; and communicate more effectively with carers. This project was led by the Centre for Child Protection at the University of Kent.


AS BehindTheScencesOf RITAHiRes from RITA Advocate on Vimeo.


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Research, Development and Consultancy in the human Sciences

Affective State is structured to provide an agile, innovative and responsive service which we tailor to the precise requirements of our customers.

Effective commincation is the cornerstone of our working practices; we make strenuous efforts to match and exceed the expectations of our customers and partners.


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